Buying vs Leasing at Southern GMC - Greenbrier

When it comes to getting into the new GMC vehicle that suits your lifestyle, drivers in the Chesapeake, VA area will face two major options, buying and leasing. Each offers advantages for drivers, but knowing which is right for you can be a bit confusing. So we have utilized the skills of our finance team and compiled a helpful look at some of the benefits buying and leasing the GMC vehicle of your future.


  • The biggest advantage to buying your next vehicle is that the vehicle is owned by you. Though the monthly payments are usually larger, the built up equity and ownership of the vehicle become well worth the cost.
  • Without any limits on mileage, your free to drive the vehicle as far and long as you please. While a lease imposes mileage restrictions per year, a GMC loan has no such limits.
  • Customizing the vehicle is an option you have. Since the vehicle is yours and won't be returned to the dealer in two to four years, you can customize it to your hearts content, for a more enjoyable and personalized experience on the road.


  • With lower monthly payments and extensive warranties during the lease term, the cost of leasing a new GMC vehicle is considerably lower than buying.
  • Once the lease term has concluded, usually after two to four years, drivers can return the vehicle and walk away from it, renew the lease and stick with the vehicle if they enjoyed it, or even get into a brand new vehicle lease with ease. In terms of keeping up with current tech and new vehicles, leasing makes it easiest.
  • Drivers won't be able to customize the vehicle and are responsible for damages incurred, but extensive warranties and coverages will make regular service and maintenance inexpensive and satisfying.

While there are many benefits to both buying and leasing, it will ultimately depend on what you're most comfortable with. So browse our new inventory, then come see us at 1300 South Military Highway Chesapeake, VA. We'll help you to find the right vehicle and our finance team will help you get the best lease or loan for a more enjoyable and affordable future.

This Is Me
This Is Not Me
I always drive over 15,000 miles a year.
I like to customize my car by tinting windows, adding pinstripes, sound system, etc.
I usually get emotionally attached to my car.
I love to see those payments dwindle to nothing.
I've got to have (real) new car smell.
I like the security of driving a car under warranty.
I usually choose a car that I can't afford.
My current car is more than 4 years old.
I am willing to trade ownership for low, monthly payments.
My company reimburses me for car expenses.
I like to do my own repair work.
I typically drive less than 12,000 miles a year.